Presentation and Blog Objectives

The objective of this blog is to share, discuss and continue learning about the issues that concern our cities and their possible solutions: projects, actions, -strategies in social and territorial cohesion, urban development, rural development, civil rights, civil society participation, governance, sustainable public management, green energy, social media etc. ..

My  15 years of professional activity dedicated exclusively to urban development and management, social and economic enables me to contribute and provide with the right knowledge to the discussions and strategies that currently are being considered in Latin America, Europe and the Maghreb,  representing are the urban areas in which I have worked until now.

My first steps were exclusively focused on urban management starting in the city of Granada (1999-2003) as Director of the Rehabilitation Institute, where we managed Urban Regeneration Projects funded from Local, Regional and European Funds. Through the management of URBAN ERDF funds, the European Investment Bank (EIB) Elvira Gomerez Intervention and POL Programme, Granada recovered the  landscape and heritage of the Sacromonte and San Miguel Alto.Moreover, we were the first Rehabilitation Area in Andalusia (2001) with the implementation of the ARC of the Albaicin


Albaicín, Granada

Having finished this stage, I began a new career in EPSA, a public company depending on the Regional Government of Andalusia (2002-2012), occupying various management responsibilities as Coordinator of Rehabilitation Areas of the Province of Granada, Coordinator of the Sustainable Cities Network, Network Coordinator “Ciudad Viva”, and Director of Urban Renewal Rehabilitation and Andalusia.  We managed many urban regeneration projects in over 40 urban areas and historic center and neighborhoods through funds of the Regional Government of Andalusia and the Central Government;  Some other projects got funded by ERDF funds (Interreg III-C and Border) and European Investment Bank EIB.

In both administrations I had the great fortune to work in a team with great professionals, where I learned more that I provided, but that allowed us to develop a very interesting and challenging technical job.

I am currently working as an European Expert in various missions and projects mainly for calls from EuropeAid, URBACT, etc. which are developed by European companies together with other experts with a different profiles in cities, urban and rural areas of Latin America and Eastern Europe.

This experience from local, regional, to move to international level, allows me to deepen my knowledge and skills and to meet others forms of intervention in intermediate cities and mega-cities as well as to be updated with approaches being made in urban and social regeneration. It is a complex and difficult road but it is very much rewarding at the same time. It fully justifies the realization of this blog for sharing knowledge that we generate together.

Workshop in Wroclaw Poland

Nowadays and due to the economic crisis, our cities are facing huge challenges, especially those related to changing economic and social structures and globalization. Among other specific problems, the two main challenges to be tackled are the high rate of unemployment and social inequality. Within the same city, there are considerable differences, not only in relation to economic and social opportunities in each area, but also in terms of the variations of environmental quality. In addition, the increase of social imbalances and unequal economic development is leading to destabilization of the cities and the loss of rights.

The Leipzig Charter (2007) states that “An integral and integrated policy intervention is that can contribute to the reduction of inequalities and the prevention of social exclusion and will be the best guarantee for urban development, social and economic of our cities. ”

As Jaime Lerner (Curitiba, Brazil) says “the city is the problem but the city is the solution”, and there is not just one solution but thousands which are being implemented from micro to large projects, focused on social imbalances, structural and economic cities and neighborhoods.  The times of the large public investments have passed, but the problems continue. Citizens are generating a lot of discussion, which are beyond the level of management response and powerless citizens see in daily basis the loss of quality of life and rights already acquired.

All this encourages me to produce this blog in English and Spanish (while this is possible), so the categories and the word cloud that will appear in different languages, to facilitate the work of Internet search.

We will continue talking and sharing.


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